Feeding Centres

Fourteen feeding centres / pre-schools for children are funded for a nutrition food programme, with the provision of midday meals and some school equipment. There are approximately 30 to 40 children up to 5 years old in each. Gram is cooked and given with a mug of warm milk to hungry children.

Also we support teachers in 7 of the Centres by supplementing their very low wages.

More on feeding centres

Creative staff help youngsters to take first steps in schooling

Caring and creative staff are the backbone of the pre-schools and feeding centres.

Clearing a way in rural areas

In rural Sri Lanka children can be many miles from the nearest school or pre-school (more…)

From computers to rice cookers help is at hand

Youngsters at the Mahiladytheivu Girls Home were presented with certificates for completing a computer course. (more…)

Food for their future

In 2012 Ragalla Aid Project completed building work at the feeding centre in Rajadorai, bringing to 14 the number being supported.

Unfinished business in Sri Lanka

Among visitors to Ragalla Aid Project centres this year was Steve Roberts.

Food, education and health care pave way to new future

Along with many charities this year Ragalla Aid Project has been affected by the economic climate.

Repairs restore elephant damage

A ‘rogue’ elephant was the cause of devastation that greeted the staff one morning at the Unichai Feeding Centre.