Farewell and thank you

You will be aware that Ragalla Aid Project has been running for 23 years helping the poor and underprivileged in Sri Lanka. These have included building girls’ homes following the Tsunami, providing for poor families, children with disabilities and older folk with medical needs. Also funding a number of secondary / university students who show aptitude but whose families could in no way afford to fund them. Especially we had a vision to build / equip 20 pre-schools in poor parts of the island so that 4-year olds could get a year of free early education before going to state schools. At the beginning of 2019 we achieved this target. The effect of this has been enormous – in one pre-school alone (Bandarawela Day Care Centre) 30 children a year received education – that is around 450 since Ragalla started support about 15 years ago. Whilst not all pre-schools have been running all that time, nevertheless the number of lives touched runs into the thousands.

All of this has only been possible because of the wonderful generosity of people like yourself either through regular standing orders or occasional lump sum donations.

Since the deterioration of Pene Gordon’s health some two years ago and her subsequent passing last year the Charity has been run single-handed on a day to day basis by the Treasurer, given that a lot of the work relates to finance.

At our last AGM in December 2019 it was therefore agreed that we should aim to close down the charity in the latter half of 2020 once all funds have been allocated to beneficiaries. Our biggest concern is that we should not leave any of the existing projects and beneficiaries without as much support as possible.

Financially we do have sufficient to support our current projects for 24 months and we will be increasing monthly amounts to projects to ensure that each will have a ‘pot’ on which to draw for two years.

All donors have now been contacted to request the cancellation of regular payments and the charity will not be accepting any more donations after the end of April 2020.

Should you have any specific queries please feel free to contact us

Farewell and thank you for such tremendous support!

Ragalla Aid Project