From humble beginings, The Ragalla Aid Project started out with just 5 projects in 1997.  By 2007 the list had grown to over 80.

Each year we publish a list of what we have achieved during the year as well as publishing an annual newsletter, both online and printed.

The following is a list of achievements as of May 2016

On an on-going basis the charity continues to support:

  • funding of education for six students at university level, three at A-level, one youngster at college.
  • Three others continue to attend special schools for the mentally impaired.
  • funding support of young man training to be a doctor.
  • funding of two double cataract operations – one elderly man and one lady.
  • funding of a training course for a working woman to enable her to improve her future prospects.
  • assisting 16 families needing support (1. Father & breadwinner murdered. 2 Three orphans taken in by an aunt. 3. A diabetic amputee. 4. Widows with small children.)
  • supporting five pensioners to enable them to live more comfortably.
    also six special cases are being supported – four girls and two boys who are either physically or mentally handicapped or both.
  • helping The Bethlehem Centre in Hatton which looks after young children by supporting teachers and providing meals. This is expanding rapidly and now covers two areas.
  • providing three crèches with milk and biscuits on a regular basis.
  • providing the main source of support for a Day Care Centre in Bandarawela for 30 under-privileged four year olds. Uniforms, including socks and shoes are provided. The children are given breakfast and lunch each day plus vitamin tablets and healthchecks.. The two teachers and the warden have their salaries paid by us. School books and craft materials are also provided and
    children are also given school bags, books and anoraks when they leave the DCC and start at their primary schools.
  • the project is continuing to support The Colombo Centre for Special Education, which gives respite and educational care for mentally handicapped men, aged 18+ (no upper age limit). Giving lessons in reading, writing, maths, money, cooking, dance, exercise, playacting and sports.
  • fourteen feeding centres / pre-schools for children are funded for a nutrition food programmed with the provision of midday meals and some school equipment. Also we support teachers in 7 of the Centres by supplementing their very low wages.
  • three homes for elderly destitutes are assisted and one of these receives a grant for protein nourishment for the elders (one for ladies and two for men and women).
  • two convents where mentally & physically handicapped or unwanted babies are cared for are helped with foodstuffs and cleaning resources.
  • Provision of toilets and equipment at Kannagaipuram Pre-School.
  • food parcels have been given to families during this year’s visit.
  • the girl’s home for semi-orphans at Mahiladithivu on the east coast (originally built by Ragalla after the tsunami) has again been running well for the past year. The on-going running costs for this home are funded by Ragalla Aid Project on a monthly basis. 16 girls aged between 11 – 16 live here with two carers and a cook. They attend the local school, returning daily to the home.
    assisting in the provision of Christmas boxes via S.U.R.O.L., a Sri Lankan charity supporting leprosy sufferers.
  • two new Pre-School / Feeding Centre buildings have been funded during the year at Akkariayan and Kaanakipuram in the Vanni District in the north of the island. Both already had children and teachers but no buildings in which to meet. Funding came from two most generous donors for which we are very grateful.