Our Story

After 21 years away from Sri Lanka, Pene Gordon returned in 1984 to meet up with some old friends who had worked for her Father. Both were retired and both were almost destitute. They needed help.
Pene started sending out British postal orders to support them but in 1997 she realised that that was not enough and started the Ragalla Aid Project.

In Memory of Pene Gordon 1937-2019

It is with great sadness that we share the news that Pene Gordon, founder and chairman of the charity, passed away on the 14th March this year.



Pene Gordon, founder and chairman of the charity, explains why she started the Ragalla Aid Project


From humble beginings, The Ragalla Aid Project started out with just 5 projects in 1997.  By 2007 the list had grown to over 80.

Effective Giving

For every £1 you donate 97 pence is directly spent to help those in need in Sri Lanka*. (more…)